China Red

China red is the favorite color for Chinese people, it has become the cultural totem for them which represents warmth, enthusiasm, happiness and auspiciousness, and has always been the basic color of worship in Chinese culture.

From red lanterns, red couplets, red window flowers to red satin, red clothes, pressure red envelopesIt’s all Chinese red.Chinese red is not only a kind of colour, a kind of decoration, but also represent Chinese culture. It has become an intricate Chinese knot, representing a kind of fiery Chinese dream! mykindredlife

In the Han dynasty and the Ming dynasty, the center of the country in the south area.The five southern lines are fire, corresponding to red in color. So in that time, both politics and culture advocated use red color as a symbol of fire.The Han and Ming dynasty had the greatest influence on China. Gradually, red culture penetrated into all aspects of China and became the representative of the nation.

Some people say: “Chinese red is full of the flavor of the ancient Qing and Han dynasty; The legacy of the tang and song dynasty, with its grand style, continued.Following the brilliant and brilliant Wei jin context;The unique charm of the yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, which highly summarize the history of the dragon.That’s a good point.

In the Ming dynasty, as the royal family was called zhu, they use red color was advocated in national politics and culture, so gradually, red culture infiltrated all aspects of China and became the representative of the nation.As a cultural totem and spiritual conversion of Chinese people, Chinese red originates from the worship of the sun god in ancient times.In the Han dynasty, the sun symbolized eternity, brightness, vitality, prosperity, warmth and hope.

China red symbolize luck and happiness. So that you will find everything from baby clothes to bridal decorations and Spring Festival couplets posted on door is “Chinese red” in color. Every Chinese New Year festival, Chinese people should prepare red lanterns to hang in doorways or houses.Red lanterns, are a symbol of family reunion, prosperity, happiness. On the other hand,The red wedding dress was the dress worn by the bride at the ancient wedding. Red color, exquisite embroidery grain, with phoenix coronet frame, more beautiful than other style wedding dress! diagnozujmy

In China, red colour is also given the meaning of exorcising evil and bringing good luck.In ancient time, there are three greatest things in life, which marriage, examination,the birth of a new life, all use red color.

The most famous example of “Chinese red” in Beijing is the Forbidden City.Its doors and walls were


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