To Do Or Not To Do List, THAT Is The Lesson!

Making a ‘to do’ list is a common method of staying on task. That seems like pretty sound advice. Before you go to bed or first thing when you wake up, make a ‘to do’ list to structure your day. This helps to increase your productivity. While making a ‘to do’ list is great, making a Six Most Important Things List is even better! stars77

In her book “Miracles Happen”, Mary Kay Ash recalled the story of the $35000 list. The story was about an interaction between Ivy Lee – an expert on efficiency, and Charles Schwab – the president of Bethlehem Steel. Ivy contacted Charles. Ivy told him that he could increase the efficiency and sales in Bethlehem Steel, if Ivy could spend 15 minutes with each of the executives. In three months Charles could send him a check for how much he thought his help had been worth. thekayelist

Ivy went around to each of the executives and asked them to do one thing – make a ‘to do’ list (but with a twist). He gave them these instructions:

1. Every evening they were to write down six of the most important things they needed to do the next day.

2. Rank them in order of importance. Casanovabrooks

3. Each morning begin with the first item on the list and work your way down.

4. If you didn’t get something done you put it on the next day’s list.

At the end of three months efficiency and sales had increased so much that Charles sent Ivy a check for $35,000. หนังใหม่ 2023

Notice that Ivy did not ask the executives to just make a ‘to do’ list. He asked them to write the six most important things they needed to accomplish. As entrepreneurs, our ‘to do’ list can get really long and overwhelming. We’ll spend more time making the ‘to do’ list than actually doing the things on the list! atlasmatras

When we take the time to whittle the ‘to do’ list down to six things, we can focus on what is really important. The list is short, so it’s not overwhelming. At the end of the day, we can look at our ‘to do’ list and see our productivity and feel a sense of accomplishment. clothing wholesale


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