Cashflow Vs Winning the Lottery

More money does not solve money problems. I find it amazing that people of this day and age still go on about “if they had more money then they’d be able to do this, gcashtowin or they’d be able to do that” but that is not necessarily the case and here’s why… It’s part of your conditioning and education.

If people expect a windfall to come and take care of their financial problems then even if it were to come the person is not educated enough to know what to do with it. I do not mean educated in terms of academic excellence, gcash2win I mean in terms of financial literacy. There are two types of money problems that all people have. One is the problem of not enough money, (the problem most people deal with) and the second type is the problem of too much money. I hear the cries now… “How can having too much money be a problem?” I hear you say. Well in fact it is actually a massive problem because if you don’t find somewhere to place that money, Classy Web Directory other than the bank, then you’ll soon find yourself returning to the first problem of not having enough money.

Most people who experience a huge influx of cash, Hi5Biz Directory through winning the lottery or inheritance, either do one of two things. The first thing most people do is put it in the bank and leave it there, check up on it to see if it’s gained in interest, but most of all keep it stagnant. The second thing most people do is go out there and buy liabilities that they think are assets. They buy objects and instruments that take money out of their pocket like cars, Business Honors Directory boats, holiday homes, clothes and other luxury items.

Creating cashflow however gets a person into the state of mind of being an entrepreneur, creating something that produces money rather than having it given to you. If you happen to come into money then that’s great, more for you to invest with, but if you hope for money to fall onto your lap then that’s the mentality that will not create great wealth for you. Going through the process of generating cashflow, through your efforts, provides you with the education needed in order to solve both problems highlighted earlier in this piece, Business Listings the problems of having not enough money and too much money. Having too much money and not having anywhere to place it will be like having a bath tub reach it’s top and start to overflow, that’s why it’s a problem.

Like I said previously it’s all a matter of conditioning. Conditioning happens throughout our lives, where subliminally we are taught what we should and shouldn’t do, from our parents and people in our society we perceive to have a greater status. But in order to break the thinking of “if only I had more money” it first starts with you and your education. Education on financial literacy and understanding that winning the lottery will not create the comfort you want, Web Directory especially since chances of winning are extremely slim.

Generating cashflow is not as hard and technical as it may sound, but it is much more do-able than hoping for money to find you via the lottery or inheritance. And the other problem is when it is received what will you do with it in order to maintain it and help it grow? This can be learned if you first set on the quest to educate yourself on how to invest, and how to generate cashflow. Web Triber Directory


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