Taking Control Of Your Life Through Words

The dictionary definition of “a word” puts it as sound, ketodietposts or combination of sounds, written or printed symbols, that form a unit of the grammar or vocabulary of a language. The term “word” can also stand for a remark or statement, news or information, promise or assurance, but in Christian lexicon, it stands for the Scriptures, especially the Gospel, popularly referred to as the Word of God.

Discovery has shown that words have power. In the creation of the world, God simply uttered a word and things began to form together. The power of spoken words is what the whole world needs today to fall in shape. The attitude of people’s bitter complaints, murmuring, criticism, legalsolid untruthfulness, magnification of calamities and misfortunes, has helped to put the world into negativism. This is because the words we speak have power, and this power was actually given to us by God at creation. When He created man, God charged him (the man that He created) to have dominion over whole world.

To exercise our dominion, we either express our opinions in words or deeds (actions). Wrong use of our dominion power brings us trouble. Our bodies are failing us, valorantis health-wise because of our inability to control our words. As little children way back in secondary school, playing some pranks to dodge our responsibilities was the order of the time. Students can feign sickness to avoid participation in manual labour. The result is having the sickness that is desired and confessed manifesting almost immediately. That is the power of spoken words.

Our words control our situations, our bodies, finances, ministries, government, etc. When you speak the Word of God over every part of your body, you just discover, gamerdidi that your body will begin to function to the perfection to which God created it. When you train your flesh to respond to the faith-filled words that you speak, you will never lose the battle of the tongue. That is when,basketoffers you live out of the overflow of your spirit, but when you do not fill your spirit with the Word of God, you commit spiritual treachery!

A heart that is filled with the Word is the essence of abundance and wholeness for every areas of your life (Matthew 12:33-37). You operate in power when you respect, lastgain the power of words. Also, when you engage your life in speaking against people to condemn them, instead of speaking words to rescue them (speaking curses instead of blessings), you go against the Word of God thereby helping to bring destruction and calamities upon yourself (James 3:10). As a child of God, you must bathe your words in the Holy Ghost so that you can experience positive results. Your words can defile your life if they are not aligned with God’s Word (Matthew 15:18-20). Do not use words to your DESTRUCTION, use them your BENEFIT!


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