Fun and Creative Dessert Ideas

How many of us don’t finish our main courses to ensure that we leave enough room for dessert? I certainly do. A meal to me just doesn’t seem complete with out something sweet at the end of it.

A dessert at the end of a meal is a necessity for me, so you can imagine how many I’ve eaten in my time. Here are just a few that I have enjoyed.

There are some classic desserts here; along with others you may have heard of but haven’t yet tried. If you don’t eat out often, 7mgg some of these are very easy to create yourself.

If you like mousse made from regular chocolate, try it for a change using white. There is a long standing debate between brown and white chocolate, manguerosebut I personally find them to be equally delicious.

Fruit and chocolate go so well together, I don’t know what more people don’t put them together. The fruity drizzles you can by these days meld do well with the chocolate in the mousse.

The humble drinking glass is a great container to serve an elaborate dessert in. The ingredients are simplicity itself, roomidea so there are no worries that it won’t taste good. This means you can spend more time on what it looks like.

You really have no boundaries with this kind of dessert. You can keep it simple but classy looking, or really go to town to create a magnificent sundae which will never fail to impress.

The internet is great for showing us how things that look complicated are really quite easy to do. This dessert is a prime example, spaice an ice cream filled mango that has been cut into the shape of a rose.

Both ice cream and sorbet are suitable fillings for your mango rose, and you can have it in any flavor you wish. If you want to play it safe with Vanilla, then fine, but why not try something a bit more adventurous?


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