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Moms who are looking for work to do from home are usually doing so out of necessity. Let’s face it, being a mother is itself a lot of work. If you are reading this I’m going to assume that you are already at home and you need help with the bills, or you have a regular job and would rather find a way to make money from home. Either way, I think that my experience in this area can help you. knowledgehype

At first a confession; I am not a stay at home mom. I am a stay at home father of four children who was forced into this situation by the tragic loss of my wife in September of 2008. When my wife passed away I decided to leave my high-paying job to help my children get through the difficult transition.

I went through an unbelievable two year journey in search of a legitimate work from home opportunity. What I found was an incredible morass of frustration and often anger, but I came out the other side because I was given a gift. My gift was that I did not have the option of quitting. If I had a choice I would have quit at least ten different times.

I learned most of my lessons the hard way and it is my sincerest hope that by sharing my experience I can help you to avoid most of the pain that I went through.

I took a very deliberate and methodical approach finding a way to make money from home. Now before I go on I should explain that I decided early on that my method of making money at home was going to be by generating an income online. I looked into MLM, secret shoppers, mailing envelopes and many other methods, but I believe that making money online is by far the most legitimate and lucrative. gossipcare

Of course “legitimate” is a loaded term. Most of what I found could be generously described as a total waste of time and money. Much of what I found was downright immoral and borderline illegal.

I foolishly fell in to the hype about making thousands of dollars a week by simply plugging into a system or clicking a mouse. Don’t feel bad if you have too. The claims of outrageous income and ease of the “systems” is intoxicating. If you have fallen for these claims too, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t fallen for these claims I’ll save you some time by saying… beware of the hype.

Common sense should be your guide. If it were really that easy to “make $5000 a week online” why would anyone do anything else? And how do you explain the FACT that 97% of people who try to make money online never make a penny? The hucksters would tell you that the reason most people fail is that they were not using THEIR system. But they ALL say that!

The truth is that most of these great systems are simply the latest version of some gadget software designed to get around the business fundamentals by steering huge amounts of people to buy what you are selling. Does this sound right to you? As a businessman of nearly thirty years I can tell you that you can never get around the fundamentals. People will gladly give you money only in exchange for value; nothing else will ever work in the long run.

So what is the secret? How can a beginner make money online?

Remember the most basic principle of making money… people will gladly give you money for something of value. As a truly unique person with enough intelligence to read this article I can tell you that you have skills, abilities and knowledge that others are willing to pay for, if you are willing to share.

Let me give you some actual examples:

• I personally know a woman who makes over $100,000 a year by selling simple instructional videos about knitting! She was NOT a business person. She had a hobby that she loved and she learned how to make some how-to videos and marketed them to like minded hobbyists. For more info please visite Here:- odorix

• I met a man who makes about $4,000 every month selling an eBook that he wrote about how to become an NBA Referee. He is not a referee, but his father and grandfather were. He simply picked their brains and wrote an eBook. He had fun doing it and now makes a really nice passive income while he pursues other interests.

• A friend of mine knows a woman who home schooled her children. When her children grew up and moved away she decided to help other home school moms with the basic materials and curriculum. She packaged her expertise and provides it online for a modest fee. Her customers are happy to pay her and she makes a very nice retirement income doing what she loves to do.

• Here is an idea that I am working on. My daughter’s boyfriend started a garage band with his friends in High School. They are now doing live concerts at local venues in front of hundreds of people. Their music has been played on the radio and they are being interviewed by record labels.

They have learned through trial and error what it takes to go from garage band to paid performers. I can interview them, chronicle their journey and write an eBook about it which will make money for me while promoting their band!

Will it make money? It depends. The first thing that I will check is to see what the demand is for this information. If there is a demand for the knowledge and I can provide honest and useful information (free of exaggeration and hype) I will make money.

What is the lesson from these examples? YOU have something of value to provide to people who are willing to pay for it. If you don’t- you know someone who does and you can pick their brain. People love to promote themselves. It could be a profession, a passion, a hobby or all of the above. Once you learn how to do it there are no limits. And it is really FUN!

This is how to make money online from home:

• Find out what information people are looking for
• Find the information and package it in an easy-to-use format (videos, eBooks, etc.)
• Provide the information at a fair price that people are willing to pay
• Set up an automated system that takes care of your customers and makes them happy

Selling information online is the best way of making money that I have ever found. I have made millions of dollars in Real Estate and in corporate America, but nothing compares to this. Why?

• You do not have to be the expert; you can simply find the experts and act in the capacity of a reporter!
• In most cases you only have to package the information once, and it can make money forever (in some cases you will need to update your information- but it is easy to do)
• There are very few expenses (you will need to spend some time learning how to do this- but most of your education is free!)
• The internet creates a 24/7 worldwide marketplace for you!!
• You can create multiple streams of income by doing this over and over!

So where do you start?

Like any business you have to learn and apply a basic skill set. You need to possess the requisite internet skills to run a successful internet business. Sounds simple, but most people do not do this! They simply jump into the latest “money making miracle” and fail miserably. This is exactly what I did at first.

The good news!

The skills that you need to learn are not that difficult when they are taught properly. I am not a “computer geek” by any stretch of the imagination, and yet I now possess all the skills I need to make money online. How? I took a self-paced online course which explained everything that I needed to know.


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