Talk Fusion Re-Launch – Will Talk Fusion Break Through Or is it Just Hype?

In the world of network marketing there is a constant stream of companies coming and going. It’s just a fact of life. They all start out with such high hopes. Some do find a modicum of success, while some launch into a blaze of glory, only to flame out just as quickly. fusionblog

Others are neither shining stars nor fabulous flops. They quietly plod along doing their thing, never in jeopardy of closing the doors but never setting the world on fire either. Typically these companies have a good product, but for whatever reason never caught on as the “flavor of the day”.

Talk Fusion is one such company. I only mention them because they are planning a mid-summer “re-launch”. So, it might be interesting to see what has changed, since they came onto the scene in July of 2007. And more importantly, to see if the changes are tangible enough to increase their fortunes, as well as those of TF Reps.

If you are not familiar with them, Talk Fusion has a product that is quite unique in the world of MLM. No, it’s not some exotic liquid nutrient from the Amazon Rainforest, omegawriter or the latest breakthrough in fat burning and weight loss.

It’s video e-mail. Yes, that’s right. Or if you want the company spin: “Talk Fusion’s proprietary compression technology will allow you to create crystal-clear Video Emails that can be sent to anyone and will impress everyone!”

Actually, despite the sales copy, Talk Fusion’s product is first rate. Simply upload a video clip from a digital camera, webcam or camcorder to Talk Fusion, insert it into one of over 400 professionally designed templates and e-mail it away.

But since this article is focused on the re-launch, let’s address what’s new and different this time around.


In addition to video e-mail, Talk Fusion now has a full range of video products, including: video conferencing for up to ten people, video blogs and video auto-responders. They are also tapping into the Social Media phenomenon, with Fusion Wall, a video sharing site that’s similar to YouTube. For more info please visit these sites :-


With the expanded product range, TF Associates can now go after a much larger target audience, as Talk Fusion technology has relevance for both personal and business use. The company has also expanded into the global marketplace – over 85 countries and counting.


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