RX7 is a Legend in Motor Sports

Mazda RX7 has been a proud possession of high speed enthusiasts since the last four decades. Rotary engine was first invented in 1957 by a German Engineer named Felix Wankel. He believed in 4 strokes as to be achieved while rotating. Initially there was no success in the automobiles and it disappeared from the vehicle manufacturers engineering labs until Mr. Masuda Tsuneji identified the potential and worked with NSU in the research and development of rotary engine. In 1967 Mazda succeeded in producing the world’s first dual rotar rotary engine. niceasicminer

The RX-7 is also a powerful car. It uses a naturally aspirated, 1.3L rotary engine which can develop a maximum of 246 hp at 8,500 rpm with the sustained redline pegged at 8,500 rpm and a peak redline at 9,000 rpm. The engine performed well enough to win the International Engine of the Year and Best New Engine awards in 2003.

The RX-7 has gained pop cult status and has even been featured in many movies and videos, most notably in the movie Need for Speed. Many used car auction have RX-8 offerings, especially in online Japanese auction sites for Japanese used cars. japanoutboardmotor

RX8 was introduced by Mazda after RX7 but did not gain popularity, there are assumptions about the bad design and performance Assuming Mazda does move forward with the production of the RX-7, it will be the first production car to house the new Renesis 16x rotary power plant. 300cc increase in displacement and little retuning, the 16x is said to be able to crank out 350hp and 215lb/ft. Assuming Mazda keeps the RX-7’s lightweight roots, this will be more than adequate for the 2-seater sports car.

RX7 has also gained lots of popularity from rallies where the first generation RX7 came on scenes at 1983 Olympus Ralley. In 1988 Mazda made few minor changes in her 2nd. Generation but only in exterior but full design change was not introduced till 1991 late. This model is most popular and is still adored and brings a good price tag for a well kept car. As better known by its 3rd. generation is most sold of all the 3 generations of RX7. promote


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