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Among the questions regarding the possibilities of increasing the energy in a range of specific attributes for each person, many concerns the differences between experiencing good moods which is result of getting pleasure and a state of so called optimal experience or gratification.

Although it’s hard to structure an emotional sphere of life, so for better understanding, let’s give feelings of pleasure credit for sensual perception.

Ecstasy can accompany watching a beautiful landscape, it is nice for an ear and delighting heart sound, heat and gentleness of “touch” of warm sun rays or delight of palate during consumption of your next piece of favourite cake, all of them are possibilities of increasing emotional energy through the senses. skywings

Although sometimes the pleasure only lasts as long as the twinkle of an eye, and we experience it “here and now”, it is a fairly important element of “life’s banquet.” It is worth mentioning, anyway, to remember that our godly wishes to keep it frequently misfire. Beauty of pleasure is linked with fleetness of sensation, and even the adherents of positive psychology claim that there does exist a possibility to repeat it, I think this is not true. Yes, we can create similar conditions of the experience, but not recreate a state of awareness that accompanies its mainstream sensation.
It is worth remembering that gentleness of experience is connected with the necessity to break free of negative past emotions through the process of forgiveness. It is worth investing the proper energy in this process, because to a great degree they condition the state and freshness of our sensations in contemporary time.

Another opportunity of increasing the emotional energy is to exercise our attributes of personality /signature virtues/, knowledge in which we have gained in the process of life and the feelings flowing from an intuitive sphere of existence. As a reminder – signature virtues are our special predispositions which are valuable through centuries the way they are. So-called predispositions include: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, continence and transcendence. Optimal experience and the state with added wings as a consequence of using one’s own predispositions and skills gained during education and creation, is linked to experiencing the state of “silence”, with feelings of absence of “I” and lack of feeling lapse of time. affluentwords

The more we experience this state, the better we can control a mental and emotional zone of existence, that transmits into the ability to create a full satisfying life. As claimed, renowned representatives of positive psychology – professors Seligman and Cisksentmihaly – this is the best way to preserve psychic health.
Is there anything objectionable in aiming for the escalation of pleasure? Blogline

I do not mind, excluding the fact that after the next “repetition”, continuation of sensation is passing and in its place appears dejection and lack of interest. On the other hand, acting on the base of signature virtues still brings new knowledge about ourselves and enriches us with new attributes, which used in self-realization will give feelings of flowing, fullness and satisfaction. A very important element of such a creation is the unity of feeling, “here and now”, thoughts and acting.


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